In this section let us list out some of the obvious reasons and advantages of having a single repository of data that we call a data lake architecture diagram.

One of the biggest advantages of a data lake is that it can derive reports and data by processing innumerable raw data types.

It can be used to save both structured and unstructured data like excel sheets and emails. And both these data points can be used for deriving the analysis.

It is a store of raw data that can be manipulated multiple times in multiple ways as per the needs of the user.

There are several different ways in which one can derive the needed information. There can hundreds and thousands of different queries that can be used to retrieve the information needed by the user.

Low cost is another advantage of most of the new technologies that are coming up. They aim to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. This is true for data lakes as well. They provide a low cost, single point storage solution for a company’s data needs.

All data in a data lake is stored in its raw format and is never deleted. A data lake can typically scale several terabytes of data in the original form.