Cell phone addiction affects people of all ages. However, teens seem to have the biggest problem putting down their mobile devices. According to Common Sense Media, nearly 50% of teens admit that they have a Cell phone addiction. Cell phone addictions statistics like these worry the parents or guardians of teens. If you suspect your loved one’s phone usage is becoming an addiction, it’s time to find them to process addiction treatment.


First, it’s important to tackle the question of if Cell phone addiction is a real thing. Experts still debate whether or not cell phone addiction is real. However, all that you have to do is look at Cell phone addiction statistics to see that it’s a growing problem.

On average, people check their Cell phones at least 47 times a day, according to Bank My Cell. Over the course of a year, that amounts to more than 17,000 phone checks. To make matters worse, 85% of people who have Cell phones check their devices during conversations with family and friends. The biggest offenders are teens.

Cell phone addiction statistics also show that people habitually check their phones. After waking up, nearly 80% of Cell phone users check their phones in the first hour. That sounds bad, but 35% of Cell phone users check their phones within the first five minutes.

In fact, some people fear not having their phones with them. Experts call this fear “nomophobia.” However, cell phones have been around for many years now. Why is this addiction on the rise?

Teens and adults alike are more connected to each other than ever before. Cell phones typically serve as the main link. At any given time, they can pick up their phones and interact with others through social media, internet, gaming and more. In the grand scheme of things, this accessibility is a relatively new thing.

Why are teens more attached to their Cell phones than adults? The main reason is that they never grew up in a world where Cell phones don’t exist. They feel that interacting with their Cell phones on a regular basis is just a basic part of life.