Adult trikes are three-wheeled cycling devices, used for cardio activity and type in place of a two-wheeled bike. Tricycles come in three designs: recumbent, semi-recumbent (also known as adaptive), and upright.

While there are a plethora of models and styles, selecting the adult trike right for you or your loved one does not have to be confusing. Tricycle adult is more alike than they are different, and product differences are mostly personal preference.

Features to consider when purchasing an adult trike

Position: Upright or recumbent?
Upright, semi-recumbent, and recumbent trikes all provide excellent cardio workouts. With recumbent and semi-recumbent trikes, users are stretched out a bit, and much lower to the ground.

Body positioning often feels less intense when riding a recumbent or semi-recumbent trike due to space and weight disbursement.

Upright bikes are more comfortable for hand placement, back, and seat comfort. They relieve the pressure on user’s lower backs, and make it easier to shift positions.

Seat: Saddle seat or sling seat?
Upright adult trikes have a wide, comfortable, saddle-style seat. Purchasing a properly-sized trike ensures that when users stop, they can firmly plant both feet on the ground. A trike’s stable center of gravity, aided by the three-wheel design, allows users to stop and start sharply, without fear of tipping over.

Recumbent and semi-recumbent trikes often have sling-style nylon seating, or contoured, padded platform seats with back support. These designs eliminate the fear of tipping or losing control of the trike, because they are created so low to the ground.

Handlebars: Traditional, chopper, or loop handlebars?
Traditional curved handlebars are available on most upright trikes, in addition to loop or chopper styles.

Traditional handlebars are typically best for trikers with normal range of motion and good upper body strength.

Loop handlebars allow individuals to steer using any part of the rectangular loop; because of this, they work best for users with unsteady arms or weak hands.

Lastly, chopper handlebars are similar to traditional handlebars in requiring more upper body strength and full use of hands, arms, and shoulders. They can be found on both upright or recumbent trike models.