Having a baby gate at the top of the stairs in your home is critically important. Thousands of unfortunate accidents happen every year due to a baby or toddler falling down the stairs. And the fact is, a simple baby safety gates for stairs children is all it takes to prevent such a tragedy. Here’s a quick overview of what you should be aware of in getting a gate set up.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to buy the right type of gate for your particular needs. What I mean is, when it comes to steps, you want to be sure and get one that is permanently mounted to the wall. Pressure mounted gates won’t hold up in the way a hardware mounted gate will.

Many of the accidents that happen occur because a toddler was able to push the gate over and because of simple laws of gravity, went right down on top of it. So be sure you get yourself a permanent mount like a KidCo Configure or one like a Cardinal Gates Stairway Gate. Another popular choice is the Evenflo Top Of Stair Plus Gate.

Next is the installation. You really need to install the hardware into a stud in the wall. I’ve seen many folks who have simply tried putting a screw into the drywall and had it quickly pull out once it was used. Even if it doesn’t immediately pull loose, any shaking or slamming of the gate will cause it to come out.

Most manufacturers either include an installation kit with the gate, or offer a mounting kit for a small additional charge. It’s well worth it to go ahead and get the kit in most cases. Naturally, if you are handyman, or woman, and can tackle this with ease, the kit isn’t necessary. But for most of us it will make life much easier.

Install kits run in the area of $10-$25 and make the installation time much lower as well.

Another tip in choosing safety gates for stairs is to be sure and avoid the retractable mesh types. These are great for doors and halls, but they can give way around the stairs. My suggestion is to stick with one made of wood or metal.

Use these tips in making the right choice in a gate for your home. A properly installed gate will give you much needed peace of mind in knowing you’ve eliminated the chances of your child having an accident around the stairs.