Today we have plenty of options to trade commodity futures, there are big global or nationwide brokerage firms, there are local commodity brokers who serve as introducing IG Review brokers, and there are plenty of online commodity brokers offering commodity trading over the internet. Find the right brokerage firm needs some research and technical analysis.

Online commodity brokers are ideal for experienced traders who can make their own trading decisions with regard to various tools, news and indicators. Online brokerage firms provide these tools, news and indicators on their trading platform and allow traders to place orders online through the same platform. Online commodity trading typically involves lesser fees than trading with full service brokerage firms. There are many things to be considered when choosing an online commodity broker.

Services offered: Apart from allowing traders to place orders online and get executing those orders, online commodity brokers offer a range of services including assistance during trading hours, margin/leverage, a range or order types, access to various market makers, and more. Make sure that you get (all) services that you want.

Products offered: There are many commodities futures contracts available for trading online on different exchanges including energy commodities, financial commodities, agricultural commodities, metal commodities, currency futures, etc. Choose the broker who offers services for your choice of commodities.

Commission structure: Different online brokerage firms charges different commissions. Some offer flat fee for trading all contracts, while some others treat them differently. Often the initial and maintenance market requirements differ according to the product(s) traded.

Trading software: Like commission plans trading system capabilities also differ considerably among brokers. Some brokers offer web based trading systems to trade from anywhere at anytime, some others offer installable trading systems for better speed and performance, and some others offer both. The charting capabilities, quotes, news, account details, indicators and tools, all should be checked when choosing software. Practice trading on the platform, the best way to check them.

Account type: Do the broker offer mini futures trading account? Mini trading accounts are a great way to start commodity trading as it costs low, and is more flexible than standard accounts.

Customer service: Customer service is always a very important factor to look for. Good customer service means a better-relaxed trader mind and a better chance of profit. No compromise on that.